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Keyword Phrase Analysis

Keyword phrase analysis means adjusting the content of your web pages, page titles, and the page meta-tags to contain keywords and phrases that search engines need to find in order to display your web site as highly as possible in search engine queries.

Based upon your web site and its competitive environment, we will recommend keywords and phrases for you use to advertise with specific search engines. We will recommend specific page title, meta-tag, and content changes for the pages that are analyzed.

DYI - If you would like Do It Yourself, here is a link to a toolkit web site.

Paid Advertising - In today's hyper-competitive web advertising environment, the most effective way to get qualified traffic to your web site is to use paid advertising through such facilities as Google AdWords or Overture. Managing paid advertising effectively is time-intensive. We can help! You determine your monthly paid advertising budget (also called pay-per-click or PPC), and we manage the keywords for which you want traffic to come to your site.