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Site Evaluation

What is Site Evaluation Service? If you already have a web site, we will provide an independent evaluation of it and we will recommend any improvements in virtually any area important to your customers. We look at your site as through the eyes of customers.

We begin by first learning from you, your goals and objectives for the site.  We then gauge how the site measures up with respect to what is being sold, to whom it is being sold, and the process through which the potential customer buys your product or service or obtains your information.

How does it work? For the site as a whole, we evaluate navigation, graphics and other global concerns. Are key areas such as contact information, privacy statements, product/service support, and payment security missing or deficient? Is a site search function needed? If one is provided, is it useful? Is a user forum function needed? If one is provided, is it useful?

We systematically evaluate each page's content for meaning, clarity, spelling, and grammar.  Is the content fresh or dated? Meta-tag descriptions and keywords are evaluated with respect to page content. We identify potential security hole with respect to server-side processing. We look to see that users can not access areas they are not supposed to. Are there broken links? Are important images using ALT tags for accessibility? Are there significant compatibility issues with the major browsers? Are your email contact addresses protected from spam? Do any pages load too slowly? We check to see if roll-overs operate correctly, and we perform many other checks.

For your on-line shopping cart facility, we work through the complete buying process for a representative set of purchases. Depending on the service level you choose, we can also evaluate every single product you offer!

We roll up the evaluation into a report to you consisting of  a summary, global issues, informational page issues, and product/service catalog/shopping cart issues. Each issue includes a recommendation, as specific as possible.

What does it cost? For a site of 10 pages or less, the service is $300, with $10/page for each additional page. There is a separate charge for the service of checking the items of your on-line catalog.  That charge is on a sliding scale downward starting at $5/catalog item for the first 100 items. [These prices are subject to change without notice.]

Optional Services:

  • Compare and contrast your web site with your top three competitors, given the goals and objectives of your site.
  • Identify where your site is placed in the top search facilities, give your pages' keyword and description metatags.
  • Determine whether your site/hoster is blacklisted.

DIY (Do It Yourself) - List of tools you can use to evaluate aspects of your web site.