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Traffic Analysis Service

Your web site exists to enable sale of your products or services via on-line shopping or indirectly by advertising to your local customers. You spend time and resources bringing up your web site and making changes to it, but how do you measure the results? You know the revenue that the site brings in from on-line shopping, but that does not provide a lot of insight about what to do to increase revenue. (Do you have an idea of how many visitors you must have each day to achieve a revenue goal?  Use our Visitor Estimator to find out.)

In order to plan changes to your web site you must know something about how many visitors are coming to your site, how they are getting there, what they are looking for, and where they are looking. And, in a dynamic, competitive environment this is an on-going task and can absorb too much of your time. That's where Artivfact.com enters the picture.

Artivfact.com will  do routine, periodic traffic analysis for you to characterize visitor behavior. We will provide you clear, understandable reports showing how many visitors are coming to your site, how they got there, what they were looking for, which pages they viewed, and more.

We will adapt our service to your web site hosting circumstance and your budget.  There are many tools available to us including freeware tools such as Analog. We will instrument other tools and services such as Sawmill or WebTrends Log Analyzer to suit your needs.

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